5 Good Reasons to Invest in SEO in 2023

If you think SEO is just a buzzword in the digital landscape, then you must change your mindset.

SEO is an important strategy that can make or break your digital presence.

If you’re still on the fence about investing in SEO, you’re missing out on a world of opportunities to grow your brand and connect with your target audience.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the top 5 good reasons you should consider investing in SEO and learn how it can help you in transforming your digital strategy.

Here are 5 Good Reasons You Should Consider to Invest in SEO

1. Enhanced Organic Visibility

If you are tired of getting lost in the deep ocean of search results pages, then SEO is your beacon of hope. 

SEO plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your website and enhancing organic visibility by following the norms to optimize your website’s content and structure correctly. 

By doing this, you can achieve the top spot on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Imagine you’re on the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee online in India. 

You type in the keywords ‘buy coffee online’ or ‘buy coffee online in India’, and there you see it – a business ranking in the top 3 search results. Impressive, right? 

Now, let’s break down the numbers behind this scenario.

These keywords collectively have a monthly search volume of 2000. This means around 2000 people are searching for these terms every month. 

And guess what? 

A solid SEO strategy lands this business in the top 3, grabbing about 40% of those clicks. That’s around 800 potential customers making their way to the website each month.

Now, out of those 800 visitors, let’s say the website’s captivating coffee collection and user-friendly experience lead to a 12% conversion rate. 

This translates to roughly 96 people going beyond just browsing – they’re making purchases!

But wait, there’s more to the story. 

The impressions, the number of times the website pops up in search results, could be even higher. 

Even if someone doesn’t click this time, they’ve seen the brand. This visibility can be a game-changer for future sales.

So, to sum it up, thanks to some smart SEO moves, this business is not just selling coffee; it’s brewing success. 

With around 800 clicks, an impressive number of impressions, and approximately 96 delighted customers every month, this is the power of getting SEO right.

Picture your business website achieving similar results, generating revenue every month with the speed of a solid ROI, all by employing the right SEO strategy. Want to learn more about the process? Get in touch with our SEO team.

2. Increased Website Traffic

Imagine your website as a physical store located on a busy street. Without foot traffic, your offerings go unnoticed. 

SEO acts as the signboard that directs users to your digital storefront. 

With higher visibility, you’ll experience a significant boost in organic traffic, ensuring that your website becomes a bustling hub of activity.

3. Build Credibility and Trust

Around 68%, of online experiences begin with a search engine and 53.3% of all website traffic is driven using organic search.

People naturally have a strong reliance on search engines for getting correct and dependable information. 

When your website shows up as the first result in search listings (Search Engine Result Page), it communicates to users that your brand holds credibility and can be counted on.

This credibility is hard to achieve through paid ads alone, making SEO an invaluable asset for building lasting customer relationships.

4. Enhanced User Experience

SEO involves more than just keywords and positions on the SERP; it also encompasses delivering a seamless experience to your visitors.

Google and other prominent search engines prioritize websites with easy navigation, quick loading times, beautiful design, and compatibility across devices.

These factors play a crucial role in search engines’ assessment of a website’s position on the SERP.

By adhering to these standards, you satisfy the search engines and enhance the overall user experience for your visitors.

Here are some stats to help you in building a solid user experience:

  • About 88% of online shoppers are unlikely to revisit a website following a negative experience. (Hubspot)
  • Around 90% of consumers have stopped using apps due to poor performance.(Hubspot)
  • Approximately 94% of initial impressions about a brand’s website are related to its design. (WebFx)
  • Roughly 70% of online businesses fail due to usability issues. (Uxeria)
  • If a website takes more than three seconds to load, about 53% of mobile users will abandon it. (Adobe)
  • User experience is considered vital for boosting sales by 74% of businesses. (WebFx)
  • Approximately 55% of companies conduct user experience tests.
  • Nearly 23% of individuals who have a positive user experience tend to share it with at least ten others.

5. Cost-Effective Long-Term Strategy

SEO has always been a cost-effective marketing strategy, whereas paid advertising, such as Google or Bing ads, disappears once the budget is depleted. 

With SEO, you can sustain your business as long as you continue to invest in it. 

With consistent efforts and updates, your website can maintain its ranking and visibility, providing a high return on investment over time.

FAQs About SEO Investment

While SEO is a long-term strategy, some optimizations can yield noticeable improvements relatively quickly. However, significant results usually require consistent efforts and patience.

Absolutely. In fact, SEO is quintessential for small businesses planning to compete with big players. It levels the playing field and allows small businesses to reach their target audience effectively.

Yes, Creating high-quality, relevant and informative content not only brings engagement to your visitors but also gains the trust of all search engines. By doing this, you can achieve a higher ranking with less effort.

Whether or not you should update your SEO strategies really comes down to a bunch of factors. You’ve got things like how your keywords are ranking, how well your content is doing, the ups and downs in your overall website traffic, and more to consider. So, before you make any big decisions, it’s smart to keep things practical. And don’t forget, having a chat with an SEO expert can be super helpful in figuring out what’s best for your situation.

Yes, you can carry out basic SEO techniques by watching some videos online or reading blog posts written by experts. However, hiring a professional SEO expert is highly advisable, as it can reduce stress and expedite the implementation process.

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